Say yes!!

Yes!!Tomorrow I will become a promoter
This is just an exciting experience.
I am looking forward to this job.
Though the salary is beyond my expectation(Sad…)
I will take this as a precious working experience to learn promote skills.

Besides excitement,
I’m worried about my incompatent eloquence.
This is a big big problem to me when it comes to say Malay.
Even promoting network using Malay!!
GOSH, I also has little difficulty of listening to Malay speaking.
Imagine my customer ask me for the plan details and I only can say:”Har, boleh cakap lagi?”
So embarrassing moment!!!
Nonetheless, this is a golden opportunity to improve my Malay speaking skills

I am going to work in next 10 days.
If you want to sign up for a better network or merely to visit me,
Please come to Square One.
I will try my best to promote YES.
After hearing from the explanation of employers,
I think this is the fastest 4G network in all network providers.
YES is now popular and hot in KL, JB these big cities.
16Mbps speed, pay as you go, no contract attached.
You can start to use it only RM50!!!
SO great to use it on PC, iphone and any mobile devices.

This is my first English blog,
Yes!!!!!!Finally I finish this blog post.



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